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Serving: Clay , Duval and Nassau School Districts

UDL    March 05 2024
Points: 6
Presenter: Matthew Take and Dr. Melissa Call
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for ALL people based on scientific insights into how humans learn. If your goal, as a teacher is to “grow” expert learners, then UDL is a proven pathway to achieve that goal. This training will show you practical ways to infuse the UDL framework into your teaching practices. You will have the opportunity to experience UDL in practice as you determine the best pathway for your personal learning.

ESE Recertification Points – 6
Audience: All Teachers
Place: Location_ John Love Elementary
Writing Strategies Virtual 3:30-6:30pm   March 07 2024
Points: 4
Presenter: FDLRS Specialists
Based on the book by Jennifer Serravallo and grouped under 10 critical writing goals, this training provides over 300 step-by-step strategies to help meet the individual writing needs of each student.

You will need to make arrangements to have the book delivered to your school or pick them up from FDLRS Crown at John Love Elementary.

Course requirements to receive credit for taking this course (points or certificate of completion)

1. Complete all follow-up activities

Audience: All ESE, support facilitators, and K-8 inclusion teachers with struggling readers
Place: Live Virtual Format via Adobe
Phonological Awareness 8:30 - 3:30   March 14 2024
Points: 6
Presenter: FDLRS Staff - Call
Transform struggling readers into successful readers with this field-tested, evidence-based phonological awareness program. This supplemental Tier 2 curriculum is the ideal way to deliver systematic, intensive phonological awareness instruction to students in Grades K–2, whether they have language impairments or just need extra help with literacy skills. This proven program helps you sharpen struggling students’ phonological awareness skills through focused, small-group lessons that take just 30 minutes each. It walks you through every step, with explicit guidance, suggested scripts, teaching strategies, and tips on what to do when a student is still struggling with a skill. A must-have for teachers of young children and reading specialists.

· align instruction with the Standards

· deliver high-quality RTI Tier 2 instruction

· improve four critical phonological awareness skills: rhyming, initial sounds, final sounds, and complete segmentation

· scaffold lessons and adapt the pace of instruction

· get results without significant time investment—just 30 minutes, three times a week

· enhance any existing curriculum

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: 100+ pages of downloadable classroom content! Game boards, word lists, implementation checklists, and more than 20 sets of colorful picture cards help students learn and retain phonological awareness skills in a fun and engaging way.

Course Requirements to receive credit for taking this course (points or certificate of completion)

1. Complete all follow-up activities

6 ESE Recertification Points

* Please do not share this as a link. It does not pair well with our system so we are aware after the close of the course that there is a person interested in attending this training. Thank you for your consideration.
Audience: All Kindergarten to 2nd-grade teachers
Place: FDLRS Crown - 1531 Winthrop St
Sensory Island -8:30am to 3:30pm   March 27 2024
Points: 6
Presenter: FDLRS Staff
Learn about student sensory integration difficulties while competing in a variety of sensory based challenges.

Based on Lauren H. Kerstein's My Sensory Book: Working Together to Explore Sensory Issues and the Big Feelings They Can Cause: A Workbook for Parents, Professionals, and Children. It is designed to be a tool to help parents, professionals and children
themselves understand the sensory systems.

The training focuses on the child as a whole person as we explore sensory issues, sensory modulation, emotional modulation, and the relationship between the sensory and emotional systems.
Course Requirements to receive credit for taking this course (points or certificate of completion)

1. Complete all follow-up activities

6 ESE Recertification Points
Audience: ESE/General Education Teachers
Place: FDLRS Crown - 1531 Winthrop St